Frontend Design

intelliCatalog has everything included to build a powerful online catalog and information website for your customers.

The content management systems flexibility offers many format options to suit your own identity.

Some of the included frontend design features are:






Manage Layout

Change the frontend design or modify the layout from your own secure login.

We can custom modify every aspect of intelliCatalog to suit your specifications.
There may be additional charges for custom development work.

Select the required modules for your catalog. Change module display order from your secure administration login. Examples included are:  category, manufacturer, search and featured products.

Modules can be created to suit your own catalog requirements.


Category View

Each category can have it’s own image assigned to create a thumbnail views of categories.

Product list pages can be modified to display only the particulars your require. For example photo, price and model or photo only.

Product thumbnails can be clicked to display individual product details.


Product View

Each product has its own customized page to display  price, model, description, feature list, unlimited images, related products and reviews. 

During setup, we will customize the product details page to display your products in the format you require.


Information Pages

Create your own information pages, articles or simply connect with your clients by keeping them informed.

Upload images and format text from your own computer. No additional software is required.

You can create unlimited pages on all our service plans.