Backoffice Management

intelliCatalog offers a fast and easy way for  retailers or manufactures to bring there catalog online.

Update your catalog in real time to provide updated pricing, information and quality photos.

Some of the included backoffice features are:






Display thousands of products Whether your website has 10 products or thousands you can catalog all your products  online.

Your intelliCatalog plan will determine how many products or photos you can upload. Upgrade your plan any time to allow for more products and photos.

Choose a monthly service plan to suit your requirements.

Upgrade as your product range grows.

You can search products to manage in the administration by either product name or model. Filter products to display only active or disabled products.

Each product has a primary plus unlimited optional additional images views. Additional images are ideal to display different views of your products.

Built-in imaging  system tools automatically create the selection of thumbnails and enlarged images.



Create unlimited categories to assign products to. Assign images and set the display order.

Built-in navigation system automatically creates your page links and page structure. You can assign a product to many different categories allowing for smooth navigation.

Add custom “Search engine” (SEO) meta tag descriptions for each category.


Add manufacturers and assign to products. Upload their logo to display along side  products.


Product Stats
Review the interest in your products by looking at the included reports.