Website Hosting

When a website is built it will require hosting on a special computer called a server. These servers are connected to the internet 24hours a day and we will provide you with minimum 99.9% up time. We use fast national servers located in New Zealand to deliver the intelliCatalog service. For our international clients, we can optionally deliver your website via our USA platform.

There is a  difference in speed between the national and international servers due to the distance data must travel.

Each intelliCatalog installation includes the following hosting:

  1. 1x Domain name (ie. .nz, .com,  .au, .uk)
  2. 5x Pop3 email accounts/redirects

Additional domain names can be parked @ $3+GST/month
Additional POP3 email accounts can be setup @ $7.50+GST/month per 5

1x Domain and 5x Email hosting included