intelliCatalog is a hosted ecommerce application that runs on our premium hosting servers.

Website hosting is the term used to describe the services required by your web site to operate.

This includes hosting your website on our fast national servers, database, email and stats server.

To get started you require a domain name and an intelliCatalog service plan.

A domain name is your unique identify that people will view your website on and can be used as your email address. ie
Domains are renewed annually. If you have your domain managed elsewhere than it’s optional for you to transfer it’s management to intelliServe. Our recommendation is for intelliServe to manage customer domains to prevent accidently cancellation and to manage there configuration directly.

intelliCatalog installation includes consultation, tuition and configuration using our standard design template and features.
There may be additional costs for additional website design,  customization and loading products.

Select a pricing plan that best suits your website.
Upgrade as you require more products, storage or bandwidth.


1) intelliCatalog setup

– Installation
– Customer Design
– Initial Information Pages

2) Service Plan (Required)

Plan Options / per month
- Starter (25 products/25Mb disk)
- Bronze (50 products/50Mb disk)
- Silver (500 products/250Mb disk)
- Gold (5000 products/500Mb disk)


3) Domain (If Applicable)

Domain (.nz or .com) $44+GST / per year.

*All pricing excludes GST