The following are frequently questions ask from our customers.

Do I need a "local" web site designer.

intelliServe works with clients locally, around New Zealand and over seas. By using the Internet, email and telephone we can communicate effectively with clients in any location. Technology like Skype allows calls to be made around the world from 2c/minute to most country landlines.

How long does it take for our online catalog to be created.

Once all the content has been supplied and we have the design confirmed.  The time frame will be determined by the size of your website. For our standard package we will build your website within 5 working days. The design and supplying of content will take the longest time.

Loading products into the catalog is not included as part of the setup cost. Usually our customers want to manage this themselves. If you require products loaded. This will be additional and will vary depending on how you require the products added.

I am currently hosting my custom website with another company and would like to switch to the intelliCatalog service.

We can organisation your domain name transfer, email config and recreate your website brand to theme your intelliCatalog installation. If you still require your custom website we can provide hosting for this as well. See intelliServe hosting. Special pricing will apply if any for your additional hosting. Just complete our online enquiry form or ring us and we will start the process.

I’ve made my decision – I want you to design our online catalog. Now what?

If you have decided you would like us to develop you a new website, simply complete the online contact form to start the process. We can contact you to take the next step and find out what we can offer to best meet your requirements.

How much does a website cost compared to intelliCatalog SaaS service?

There are a number of factors that are going to affect the ultimate cost of a custom website.  These factors include how many pages, how much content on the pages, if you will sell products online, how many products you would like pre added for you, the graphic design work required and how interactive your website will be. Other costs for website hosting will depend on the amount of traffic your website will generator. intelliServe offers a complete turn key solution for an affordable figured based on our template designs and customization service. Our main custom website package start from $1200+GST – $2000+GST.

What do i take away when i close my account

intelliCatalog is a service provided to the customer while there account is active. When an account is closed the customer may request a CSV file export of there products and a copy of product images upload. Any logos, or copyright content belongs to the customer. This information is removed when the account is closed.

What is Saas

Software as a service (typically pronounced ‘sass’) is a model of website or software development where you have a license to use our service hosted on our servers. The service is provided until you no longer require our service. Consider the solution like a paid Digital TV service or PO Box service where you have access to the service while your account is active.  More Information on Wikipedia.

What is the main benefits of SaaS

  • Single setup fee. No expensive custom website development costs
  • Single monthly service fee based on your product count.
  • Free updates when required
  • Free support on the use of the service